Big Data/Python Developer - Anankei


Business context:

Within the Information Quality team we develop end-to-end reconciliations for the ordering-provisioning-billing chain. Our client has an extended IT landscape and our division is one of the few places where we have the access and the tools to monitor the heartbeat of the company on operational data level. Geared with a customer made Big Data framework on top of Spark we provide our Controlling division the necessary visibility to keep up pace with reality.

Other assignments we successfully embark upon are guiding the business to plan, monitor and execute IT migrations. Based on our ETL framework our best people have built powerful tools leveraging to vital transformations throughout the company.


You build and maintain graphs modelling data delivery, reconciliations and quality audits using Python and SQL.

The first couple of days you’ll get introduced to our framework and you’ll learn by example, refactoring and fine tuning work in progress.

Later on your ability to take up small assignments will be put to the test. Once you get the feel for managing your own small projects, you’ll on your way to the next level. For more complex assignments you are cooperating closely with a team analyst or a business SME. Depending on your urge to be close to the action and your pressure seeking tendencies you will either be challenged by the agile way of working in major projects, either you have keen interest and steady focus to unravel complex reconciliations for controlling.



Required profile

- First work experience in an analytical job, using data management tools.
- Proficiency in Python scripting or any other OO-development.
- Working knowledge of a database and query language. Experience in using and developing databases for data integration of delivery.
- Willingness to go through a steep learning curve, both in terms of tool mastering as in absorption of business complexity.
- Proven experience in keeping focus and attaining a priori defined positive results.
- We are looking for someone who is willing to engage for at least 2 years in order to grow in proficiency and experience. Data quality is a hot topic so you won’t get bored neither.
- Above all, we are looking for someone who applies the basic principles of good communication.
- We are looking forward to hear from you how you contributed so far to group dynamics and how much in love you are with Python and SQL.
- Self-organisation: you are actively involved in defining the priorities within the team and you show transparency in managing your own progress.
- Perseverance: it’s not a design pattern, it is state of mind we hope to recognize in you.


- English; French or Dutch are an asset